Ridgid Genuine OEM AC840085 Twin Pack of 1.5 Amp Hour 18V Compact Lithium Ion Power Tool Battery with Onboard Fuel Gauge and Flat Standing Base (2 Batteries)

by Ridgid
Save 23%
  • FADE-FREE POWER: With these lithium ion batteries, your power tools will run as though they were fully charged until they run out
  • EXTREME COLD WEATHER PERFORMANCE: These batteries can function properly in temperatures as low as -4 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 degrees Celsius)
  • FUEL GAUGE: A 4 level LED panel will tell you how full the battery is in increments of 25%, giving you the information you need to recharge in a timely fashion
  • FLAT STANDING BASE: With this convenient design, you can keep your tools standing in an upright position. This is great for handheld work lights, where they can stand on the ground and let you work with both hands
  • COMPACT SIZE: These batteries are one of the smaller models. By being smaller and lighter, you’ll have an easier time working on longer jobs